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What We Do

Our customers can expect the highest standards of craftsmanship on their project.

Our reputation matters to us and we base our quality of workmanship on the 3 guiding principles:

Quality people and quality materials

Our employees have been with us for a many years and are courteous, polite and trustworthy.  We work with people we trust and who deliver the very highest standard of workmanship, Joiners and subcontractors whose standards complement our own.  Our materials are based on long-lasting value.

Clear client communication

Clear and frequent communication is important to our customers and is effective in completing a project on time and on budget.

Attention to detail

Shanker Builders Ltd will provide a full range of construction services always giving personal attention to each job.

Savings To Be Made

With the vast amount of suppliers we have used through the years we have built good relations and we would like to pass further discounts to the customer by allowing them to use our a range of suppliers with our recommendations for great discounts, for things such as:


This in turn could make you savings against our quote, this is all relative when comparing our quote against other builders as is the fact of whether or not the quotes are like for like. We have in our experience picked up jobs where other builders have left jobs half-finished as they had not given the client what they had expected or they could not complete for the price they had quoted. This in the scale of things has and would cost a client a lot more money than they were expecting to pay by taking the cheapest quote they could find.

For a complete list of services we provide in conjunction with the main works please click here